Creative Sunset Photography

February 26, 2019 Off

In this world, there are many creative artists and photographers that transform any moment into the moment to remember. This time, we will show some creative sunset photography that is simply a piece of ART. The photos that follow are positive, vibrant, relaxing and worth your time. you will see the combination of water and…

By Molly Wilson

Is It Worth to Die For One Crazy Selfie?

September 19, 2018 Off

Psychology research says that people who are addicted to taking ordinary or crazy selfie have the serious mental disorder. People take selfies of food they eat, place they visit and never scare of being injured or maybe to die if the photo is great. How far can people get just for taking one photo shot…

By Molly Wilson

Tricks for perfect look for each photo

April 2, 2014 Off

Do you wish to take pictures and to perpetuate every moment of your life, but you are always dissatisfied with the photography. Here are some tricks for perfect look for each photos that you will capture.       Therefore, here are some quick and easy tricks that will help you look great every time…

By David Bankston

10 Magnificent Views of the World

March 19, 2014 Off

Adept photographers do capture perfect shots – they can make average looking things look more than it’s worth, but sometimes, it takes only a camera and a perfect moment and place to produce an exquisite photo. You don’t need to be a photographer to capture these 10 breath-taking and awe-inspiring shots because all you need…

By David Bankston

10 quick tricks for better photography

March 4, 2014 Off

Photography is the leading hobby worldwide and capturing amazing photos will make you proud as photographer both aspirants and professionals. Capturing good photos needs some tricks and patience. Here are 10 quick tricks for better photography. Think The first important thing is to think about your photography, you can imagine in your head before you catch.…

By David Bankston