Here is the Reality Behind Perfect Photos

September 25, 2019 Off

We all wish to get perfect photos from us as we see those great photos that our FB friends are sharing each day. But have you ever asked yourself that this isn’t reality but there is something hidden behind that perfection? In the following, we will reveal you interesting photos that maybe looks perfect but…

By Molly Wilson

Creative Sunset Photography

February 26, 2019 Off

In this world, there are many creative artists and photographers that transform any moment into the moment to remember. This time, we will show some creative sunset photography that is simply a piece of ART. The photos that follow are positive, vibrant, relaxing and worth your time. you will see the combination of water and…

By Molly Wilson

Is It Worth to Die For One Crazy Selfie?

September 19, 2018 Off

Psychology research says that people who are addicted to taking ordinary or crazy selfie have the serious mental disorder. People take selfies of food they eat, place they visit and never scare of being injured or maybe to die if the photo is great. How far can people get just for taking one photo shot…

By Molly Wilson