Is It Worth to Die For One Crazy Selfie?

Is It Worth to Die For One Crazy Selfie?

September 19, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Psychology research says that people who are addicted to taking ordinary or crazy selfie have the serious mental disorder. People take selfies of food they eat, place they visit and never scare of being injured or maybe to die if the photo is great. How far can people get just for taking one photo shot can tell us the following photos. The year 2015, was the year of the death in India where more people died of taking selfies than of shark attack. People accept to die just for one photo shared on social media. There are cases where death happens while one person was taking selfies and eaten by a gorilla, a girl died of the wave while celebrating a birthday, a man falls down of the sky restaurant while trying to take a selfie and many other cases.

Mumbai, India is the tourist destination where last year, 27 people died of taking a selfie and every year the number of victims is rising. In the UK, last year has died or were injured 33.000 people only of trying to take a selfie. Obsessed people and those who are addicted to scrolling constantly on their phones can end up in the worst way – to die. The death happens before the photo shoot, in the time when the photo is taken or after the photo shoot.

From all this information begs the question: Is it worth to die for one crazy selfie? 

Say cheese and die after falling off the building

Dangerous and crazy selfie

A couple is taking one dangerous selfie

Is this a photoshop or a real photo? OMG!

A picture to die for but is it worth? What’s up?

This photo is taken a moment before death

A picture with the sky star, India

amazing selfie

Photo via

Young girl have died after taking a selfie and shared it on social media Facebook


Photo via

Crazy selfie took at a moment before catastrophic fall and death of young man

Be popular and die popular in Dubai just for only one crazy selfie

Please die another day and let’s hope that no one will slip


Photo via

Please, can you take a photo of me, hope you will not slip off the building?

I haven’t written this post to press like on it, but to warn you what can happen to you if you are not careful. If you are of those people addicted to taking selfies please be careful to choose the right place, the right moment and then make the photo shoot. Check the top composition techniques that will help you to improve your photos. Feel free to give an answer to our question in the first paragraph and share your opinion with us. Thanks for following our posts and being our faithful reader, keep following us in future!