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Unique types of Arts

April 13, 2014 Off

Graffiti art Street art and graffiti are known by their unique forms and beauties. Initially as a sign marking for the territories of street clans in some urban areas. Today the graffiti represents unlimited creative expression of ideas and opinions. Below you can see examples of impressive graffiti art walls in different places in the…

By David Bankston

Masterpiece artwork from Ben Heine

April 2, 2014 Off

Ben Heine is best known for his project Pencil Vs Camera, which is a unique combination of illustration and photography. Individual components of a photo Heine replaced by a drawing and so mixes imagination and reality to create original artwork. Here are some fantastic Masterpiece artwork from Ben Heine. Ben Heine was born in 1983…

By David Bankston

Art on top of the pencil by Dalton Getty

March 4, 2014 Off

Most artists working with drawing, using pencil for them to create their art. Dalton Getty has a slightly different approach. He creates miniature masterpieces directly on top of the pencil. Check this work of art on top of the pencil by Dalton Getty     Sculpture of Elvis Presley in the eyes of a veil,…

By David Bankston

Unusual Car Designs

February 24, 2014 Off

Cars are design to make travelling easy, moving from one place to another will be very comfortable and lot easier. When we say cars, we will think of an  expensive and top of the line cars that we always dream of  like Mercedes Benz,  Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. However, Can you think of cars that…

By David Bankston

15 Crazy and Unique Bed Designs

February 13, 2014 Off

The best comfortable space to retire after a long day is your bed.  One third of our lives is spend in sleeping.  So when buying a bed, you have to keep in mind that you are spending a lot of time lying on a piece of furniture in your life. Picking a very comfortable and…

By David Bankston

Wonders of Modern Architecture

February 5, 2014 Off

Modern architecture, new compositional style that developed in numerous Western nations in the decade after World War I. It was dependent upon the “balanced” utilization of up to date materials, the standards of functionalist arranging, and the dismissal of chronicled point of reference and adornment. This style has been for the most part designated as…

By David Bankston