10 Most beautiful cities of the World

February 4, 2014 Off

1.      Venice: Venice is not only the top most beautiful city of the world, but its name is also on top in the list of world’s most peaceful cities. It is basically a port city in Italy, with a lot of small rives and canals crossing the town, which makes it more beautiful and worth…

By David Bankston

16 Outfit Ideas With Blazers

January 31, 2014 Off

Hey girls! Today I prepare for you 16 outfit ideas with blazers. Remember- blazer is one of the most important pieces of clothes that every lady must have it in her wardrobe. First, you must choose the right blazer which coincides with the waist of the body. There are many different colors and designs of blazer,…

By David Bankston

5 Tips to make your hallway impressive

January 27, 2014 Off

Hallway is the first impression of your house, so decorate it in a way that it gives an impression to your guests, and they irresistibly start admiring your aesthetic sense. You don’t need to hire professional interior designers, you can also be one if you follow some tips. Here are some of them; 1.Play with…

By David Bankston