5 Tips to make your hallway impressive

5 Tips to make your hallway impressive

January 27, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Hallway is the first impression of your house, so decorate it in a way that it gives an impression to your guests, and they irresistibly start admiring your aesthetic sense. You don’t need to hire professional interior designers, you can also be one if you follow some tips. Here are some of them;

1.Play with colors

Don’t be afraid of colors, they always make it attractive. Experiment with colors in your hallway, use different combinations, or different shades of a single color, it makes it eye catching.

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2.Choose furniture that is functional

In your hallway, use the furniture that is functional. Only beauty and delicacy doesn’t sound doable. Your hallway will look more impressive and interesting if you put a coat-stand, or a key holder etc. A shoe stand can also be the option.

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3.Place a mirror

Placing a mirror in the hallway gives the impression of broadness. The hallway, not matter how small and narrow it is, starts looking double. It is also trendy. While buying the mirror, chose a stylish and colorful one.

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4.Decorate with purposeful things

Avoid buying very delicate items for decoration, rather decorate your hallway with purposeful and usable things. Placing a big hinged box of leather or metal will be a good option, where you can put electricity bills, receipts, spare keys, and your wallet.

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 5.Add lights

Last but not the least, use appropriate lights in the hallway, don’t make it dark. A well decorated hallway loses its charm without proper lighting, so make sure that all you effort of decorating your hallway doesn’t go into vain and you add sufficient lights into it.

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