10 Fat Burning Foods you Should Eat

10 Fat Burning Foods you Should Eat

February 6, 2014 Off By David Bankston

1.      Avocados

Avocados actually are ultra-speed fat burner. It plumps up the membranes of cell, and enables them to fasten the fat burning hormones, and switches off the body’s fat storing hormones. It also fastens metabolism rate while protecting body’s energy producing cells from damage.

2.      Whole Grains

While breaking down whole foods, human body burns double ratio of calories as compared to that while breaking down processed foods. And it gets even tripled in case of fiber enriched whole foods such as brown rice and oatmeal etc.

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3.      Lean Meat

Protein is highly thermo-genic- it burns around 30 percent calories during food digestion.

4.      Broccoli

It would not be wrong to say that broccoli talks to body’s fat cells. The sulforaphane in broccoli rabe stimulates some enzymes which tell the body fat cells to burn fats.

5.      Coconut oil

All dietary fats are not same. Coconut oil is made in a way that human body preferentially uses it for energy, so that it doesn’t turn into fat.

6.      Cinnamon

Cinnamon is not only famous for its aroma, but also helps glucose to move fast into the cells, so that our fat storing hormones hang around lesser.

7.      Coffee

Coffee stimulates fat burning hormones of human body. Drinking a cup of coffee 20 minutes before working out, enables a person to exert more intensely.

8.      Green Tea

You can lose around 6 pounds of weight by drinking 4 cups of green tea a day, as it temporarily speeds metabolism rate right from the first sip.

9.      Hot peppers

Chili peppers contain a compound that heats up body, and helps to melt extra calories in body. You can burn calories by eating raw chilies, cooked, powdered, or dried as well.

10.  Low fat Diary products

Dairy products are calcium and vitamin D enriched, and help build and preserve muscle mass, which is highly essential for maintaining a fast metabolism.

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