Kids Activities – Make Animals from Fruits

Kids Activities – Make Animals from Fruits

August 16, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey parents. During the summertime, we have a lot of time to share with our kids and to teach them to some new things about the home place. That’s why in the following we will show you some cool kids activities that you can make, you can make animals from fruits if you follow our ideas through photos!!!

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You can make a fish by mixing some fruits, look in the photo

The first idea is impressive in the same way like the others so if you have free time come on, use the idea and keep busy your little children. Take a look in the phot now and find some idea!!!

make animals from fruits
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Make a pineapple owl and decorate the party tabletop

We can use pineapple in a creative way and make creative owl shape to decorate the tabletops for our wedding, celebration, engagement, birthday party or anniversary. Take a look at the photo now and find some idea for your celebration day!!!

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You can make a dog by using fruits and veggies

In the third photo, we can see veggies dog and you can make this and keep busy your little kids, by the way, to spend fun your free time as a parent.

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Make a dolphin by using aubergine, the next photo, and food art

Well in the next photo we can see an aubergine dolphin that you can make together with your kids and keep them busy. Keep your free time in this and make the best crafts and eating recipes for your little children. Teach them how to make food art by using carved veggies and fruits!!!

dolphins aubergines
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Animals from fruits and making fish from strawberries

The last idea is about how to combine bread, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. A plate food art and a plate full of vitamins that you can prepare for you and your little kids. Take a look in the last photo from this post and idea worth your attention.

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