A Special Engagement Ring For A Special Lady

A Special Engagement Ring For A Special Lady

August 13, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

A forthcoming engagement is a special occasion, very special, and in order for it to be a life event you remember for the all right reasons the engagement ring needs to be absolutely right. Of course, there are jewellery shops all over Australia that sell a range of engagement rings but for expert advice and guaranteed quality you really do need to visit a specialist. These experts will be able to give you information about current trends and also provide recommendations based on the personal tastes of your bride to be. 

If you don’t have a local specialist in the area where you live, you might need to look online. Visiting a website such as https://www.certifieddiamondnetwork.com.au/ is a good place to start. Specialist operators such as the aforementioned will be able to give you all the advice you need prior to your purchase, all you need to do is try to come up with a style that she will love. You could guess which style she would most favour, but it’s probably best to do a little research yourself. Does she like the vintage look? Art Deco? Modern? If you can establish which type of style she prefers, you can narrow down your choice from the many options available. 

Regardless of whether you are looking for the latest engagement ring trends of 2019 or the classic styles with timeless appeal, you will find the internet is your friend when it comes to inspiration and choice.

Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Just because an engagement ring has a vintage style, it doesn’t mean they look dated. Many modern designs have an element of vintage incorporated and the end result is a timeless classic that will certainly stand the test of time. Jewellery, particularly high-quality vintage engagement rings, have always been popular and dependent on your bride-to-be’s personal taste and style, could be perfect. It is also possible to buy antique rings, with many Edwardian styles again becoming popular. A good example of the emergence of vintage style engagement rings are rings that are mounted with an Asscher cut diamond, this cut which was created in the early 1900’s has again become popular and featured heavily in fashion magazines and on the fingers of the rich and famous. 

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Modern Trends

Although antique or vintage rings can also be included as a modern trend in the form of a comeback, there are certain trends emerging for 2019 that might appeal to your bride-to-be. These include but aren’t limited to:

  • Unusual Diamonds – Several different shapes such as shields, trillions and imperfect diamonds are also making inroads in 2019 and may be perfect for some brides-to-be.

Whatever style to opt for, be sure to take advantage of the services offered by the real engagement ring specialists. You can contact your chosen specialist by phone or by visiting their premises and be sure of receiving a level of service that you will not find in the more generic jewellery shops. 

  • Yellow Gold – Many brides are emulating the styles of their mothers and according to many sources, yellow gold is back with a vengeance in 2019.
  • Mixed Metal Bands – Mixing materials such as yellow gold and platinum in a single band is becoming popular. Younger people today are not such avid followers of traditional conventions and have adopted a stance of ‘My engagement, my choice.’

You can buy your engagement ring safe in the knowledge that your specialist knows what they are talking about and offers a service far beyond that of simply selling you an engagement ring. 

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