Creative and Cute Wooden Planters

Creative and Cute Wooden Planters

August 15, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey there dear friends how are you this day? We are fine and happy because this week is already finishing and the weather will be colder in the next week. We passed enormous hot temperatures during this week, but however, our team keeps searching for new ideas about design in exterior and interior place. Today, we are here to show you our creative and cute wooden planters and you are there to choose the best for your outdoor place!!!

We can have different planters in our garden place, in different colors and shapes and decorating the garden in the most impressive way. This is why we should carefully choose the planter shape and making the garden looking like a little paradise!!!

Wooden flowers planters to plant here all the flowers and plants you have

In the very first photo from this post, we offer you flowery shaped flower planter where you can plant all type of flowers and green plants. Come on, spend some time to see this special idea for today that is a combination of white, gree and yellow colors!!!

wooden planters
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Amazing wooden house with roof – planter, painted in red color

In the second photo, we can see an example of a wooden house and planter at the same time. This is something we can all make it in our yard place. Spend some time now to see this interesting idea you can make it in your yard place in quick time, easy way and to impress all guests coming into the yard.

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Wooden box planters in the third photo from the post

In the third photo from this post, you will see wooden boxes and planters filled with special flowers and plants. Here you can plant all colored flowers and enjoy in a modern flowery garden.

wooden box
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Wooden owl-shaped flower planter for unique garden decor

Owl planter for planting here all the flowers you have at a garden place and take care of the garden, yard and backyard place. If you really love animals you can choose any type of animal-shaped flower pots and finding a home for your flowers! Take a look in the photo now and share with friends!!!

owl planter
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White wheel and planter at the same time

In the last photo and idea of the post, we will kill two birds with one stone. We can have a wheel and at the same time to plant here our flowers which we don’t have to move it to other places here is the wheel!!!

white planter and wheel
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Also, follow this link and make a nice plan for the future home and place for living. We offer you round house plans for any kind of house and appartment!!!