The Effects of Quitting Smoking

The Effects of Quitting Smoking

July 29, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Maybe you can’t quit smoking but do you know that with cigarettes you damage your health? And do you know which are the bad effects of smoking otherwise the effects of quitting smoking? Read the full text and find out W H Y you should immediately stop smoking in this MOMENT!

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Quitting smoking

Here are the effects of quitting smoking in the following, read it.

Heart rate, blood pressure drop

When you smoke cigarettes blood pressure grows and when you make a break for about 20 minutes, the heart is working normal and your blood pressure drops again.

Carbon monoxide level in blood drops to normal

For period of 12 hours, carbon monoxide level in blood drops t normal. This is good reason to quit smoking.

Circulation improves

Cigarettes has a bad effect to your circulation. Quitting smoking for about 2 to 12 weeks will help you to improve circulation. Stop smoking today!

Lung function increases

Lung function to smoker and non smoker aren’t the same. When doctors make an ultrasound to the lungs will clearly see that the lungs function is better to non smokers.

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Coughing and shortness of breath decrease

If you often cough and have shortness of breath this is the result of smoking cigarettes. Quitting smoking cigarettes will decrease this situation.

The risk of lung cancer reduces

How can you smoke cigarettes when on the label of cigarettes is written that smoking can kill you.

For period of 5-15 years – risk of stroke reduces to that of non-smoker

In a period of 5 to 15 years when you already don’t smoke, the risk of stroke is reduced to the level of those nonsmokers. Be smart and stop smoking this day, this minute, this second.

My advice for you and everyone who smoke is to stop smoking because cigarettes are bad for your health. thanks for your time and here I will say bye to you.

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