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Decorative Wood Sliced Wall Art

January 6, 2019 Off

This post today is about decorative wood sliced wall art ideas that are great motivation for you and your creative friends. If you are a creative person and you have free time including the weekend, you can make this art for your house walls by yourself. How to choose the suitable wall for adding the…

By Molly Wilson

New Wood Wall Art Creative Ideas

October 22, 2018 Off

House walls are an inseparable part of interior house design. We should pay attention to the walls in the same way as we pay attention to furniture┬áchoice and other decorative elements. You can add these new wood wall art on your house walls and create a modern look. The ideas are here and all you…

By Molly Wilson

Cute DIY Ideas About Reusing Wood

October 20, 2018 Off

There are millions of ideas about reusing wood slices, tree stumps and to make lovely decorations for home place. Here, I present you a few of them. For example, how to make nightstand of wood, wood slices wall mirror, a bathroom cabinet of wood stumps, how to make wall shelves with a light of wood…

By Molly Wilson