Say NO to Bug Bites

Say NO to Bug Bites

July 30, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Summertime. Period with many bugs around, flying in the air, and coming in the home through our open window and door. Or, they can even find you when you walk in the garden and bite you. the pain might be unforgettable and unbearable. Say NO to bug bites with our tips that you will find only and only if you stay with us!

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Install safety nets

The most easiest way to protect your interior and your family from insects and bugs is to install safety nets. These safety nets are cheap and easy to install it. After applying it, you can open your window to get a fresh air without having uninvited guests at home 🙂

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Make natural insect repellent

When you have small kids, you can’t bring at home pesticide and kill insects and bugs. You can make natural insect repellent just by using natural ingredients. To make it, you will need just to mix lemon with coconut oil so mosquitos will run away from this smell!

Cover yourself up and avoid bug bites

Wear clothes that will cover your arm, legs, neck. This is how you will protect from bug bites and your skin will be protected. Cover yourself up while sleeping so the isncets can’t touch you or even smell you.

Treat bites with alcohol

When you are already bitten, treat the bites with alcohol. We all have it at home.

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Avoid going out in their peak hours and avoid bug bites

They have a period when they bite and tin this period you can stay at home. Maybe this is the smartest way to try and stay safe.

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