Outstanding Recycling Barrels Ideas for Outdoors

Outstanding Recycling Barrels Ideas for Outdoors

September 4, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends. This post is interesting and it’s about how to make lovely barrels ideas by reusing the old barrels you have in outdoor place. You can make a chair, a table, a barbecue, shelves, a combination of barrels and wood for one amaizng bench and all this with the barrels. How to make it? Stay with us to the end of the post and find the answer to this question, through photos and text we prepared just for you!

Make chairs for outdoor by reusing the old barrels

In the first photo, we can see how to make outdoor chairs by reusing the barrels and as you can see they look comfortable. Not just that is comfortable for sitting but are easy for making, follow the link below the photo and find out the full constructions.

barrels reuse
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Make nice seating bench- barrels idea for outdoor place

It’s great when you have outdoor furniture and it’s even greater if you made it by yourself. This time we can see lovely wood and barrel combination which can be combined for making a bench for the outdoor place.

barrels bench
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Making a kitchen bar for an outdoor place by reusing the old barrels

we mentioned about making chairs and bench by this material but you can also make something bigger and even more functional. I’m talking about this kitchen bar which is so impressive and you can make it if you are creative. Not just creative, to make this you need too much time and patience, so if you can at least try it, we will be proud of you. You have our support!

barrels kitchen
Phoot via www.www.retro-moebel.at

Old drums reuse by making coffee table and barrels chairs

And in the next photo, we can see how to make a small coffee table for outdoors by the reuse of the old drums. Here we also have the barrels where are made in chairs and I really love the design now.

barrels furniture
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Making nice storage shelves by the old barrel

We all need those shelves at home to add the things we have at home and here is never space for anything. This is why we can use our creativity and make shelves by reusing the old barrel, to do this for outdoor or for indoor place and to create one unique piece of furniture. Take a look in the photo now to draw some inspiration from it.

barrels shelves
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