The List of Countries Where English is an Official Language

The List of Countries Where English is an Official Language

September 3, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey, there Enligh language lovers! There is one English proverb that says,, If you speak English and Spanish you can understand with 80% of the people around the world,, which is almost true. I made a little research on the net to find out in which countries, English is an official language and where can you go with your English. Stay with us and read this informative post that might help you in future when you will be in a plan to travel around.

Knowing more than one language makes you rich and can help you to make success in life. and if you already have learned one foreign language you can easily learn the other one. So, read the full text and find out which countries in this world use this language. Even though scientists think that the German language will pass the English and will be language number! in the world, in this period English is still in the first place.

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India is the most populous nation with English as its official language with a population of over 1 billion people but checks the list of countries with English language as official.

Furthermore, there are also nations where English is a de facto national language. This means that even though it is not written in the law, it is official in practice. Of these nations, the United States is the most populous with a population of over 318 million. So, if you speak the fluently English language, feel free to travel here and you will understand with the people living there. There are four nations where English is the de facto language and the primary language. These include AustraliaNew Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States which I already mentioned above.

Also, there are countries where English isn’t an official language but people thee are using it as main language. But this will be another topic for some other post in the future because we don’t have time anymore. here we must finish this post that I hope was very informative for you.

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