Top Newest Fashion Trend for Fall/Winter, 2018-2019

Top Newest Fashion Trend for Fall/Winter, 2018-2019

September 1, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey girls! Finally a post about the newest fashion trend! Get ready to be fashionable this fall and winter with our news! It’s well known to us that fashion is coming back. For this fall 2018, and winter 2019 the newest fashion trend is returning back to the fashion of the 80’s. I don’t really like some of the ideas but what can I do, the only thing is just to follow the mode that everybody likes it! All world talks about the Vogue Fall/Winter FASHION WEEK, see what was presented there in the photos that follow.

Check out for the new trend for this fall/winter 2018 – 2019 if you tend to be a fashionable and modern person!

Style Obsession- Capes are the new trend for winter 2019

Warm yourself for this cold winter that follows, but also be fashionable. These capes are a dream for every contemporary woman that wants to keep in touch with the world’s fashion.

Workwear – Trend fall/winter 2018-2019

Street style clothes will be modern for the season the follows. Don’t be ashamed to get out in a workwear, because that’s one of the newest design.

Fringing – one of the fashion trend

Like it or dislike, fringing can’t get out of the fashion trend never. They are on the list of the mode for this fall 2018 and the winter that follows 2019. Fringing on dresses, fringing on earrings and bracelet, fringing on bags and shoes, fringing on hairs, fringing EVERYWHERE!

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Bouquets of flower clothes

A lot of people adore flowers on clothes. This time this will be a trend for the season that follows. I can’t accept this challenge because flowers signalize spring and not something cold and dark like the winter.

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The Eighties are back, shoulders pads and bright colours

The eighties shoulders come back as a fashion trend, last year in Milano. But this time in all world will be popular clothes the same as in the 80’s shoulders pads and t-shirts. About the colour, we must agree that is eye-catching.


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Padded jackets – one of the newest fashion trend for this fall and winter

Finally something smart, a cool padded jacket that is comfortable for wearing but also modern and trendy. I really love this jacket otherwise I don’t like the workwear when you are going out.

Fake Fur is the last piece of modern clothes for the following winter, 2019

The best trend to finish this informative post. Feel free to add the fake fur in your favourite clothes because this will be in the fashion trend again. Stay IN.

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