Incredible Open Shelving Units

Incredible Open Shelving Units

October 21, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Hello and welcome to our amazing post today. The post is about incredible open shelving units for our impressive kitchen places and I invite you to read about it.

On these shelves, you can add plates, coffee cups, mugs, utensils, seasoning you will need when preparing lunch or dinner. With this, you will have an organized kitchen cabinet and at the same time you will enjoy modern kitchen design. Come on, it’s enough of speaking, go through photos to see the ice decor and nice organization ideas.

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Open shelving units in yellow color for the kitchen place

In the first photo, we can see a yellow accent in the kitchen place and nice organization of kitchen utensils, seasoning, salt, and other utensils. We need a good organization in our kitchen room and this is what can be a great example of that.

open shelving units
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Wall shelving units for plates and coffee mugs

In the second photo, we have again wall shelves that are open, wooden, good looking and here we can arrange the plates and the cups. At the same time, we can enjoy in our home decor which is so nice, spend some time to take a look at it.

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Wooden square shelves for the kitchen cabinet

In the next photo we can see wooden, open and square-shaped shelving for the kitchen place. This is what our kitchen needs and here to storage all the stuff we have there. Perfect place for the mugs and teacups, take a look at it.

shelving units
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Feel free to add black shelving in the kitchen cabinet, check the photo

In the next photo we can see black kitchen shelves for the open kitchen cabinet. This is what we badly need in our kitchen cabinet if we aren’t from those people that spend their money on buying colorful decorative elements.

black units
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I want to thank you for the time you share with us and read our amazing post about the kitchen place. Keep following in the future to read more ideas about interior space. Bye and have nice start of the week!