Have a Look in These Alluring Courtyard Designs

Have a Look in These Alluring Courtyard Designs

November 17, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Courtyard designs or maybe it’s better to name it to winter garden can look alluring if we choose to create modern design there. The winter period is the period when we get inside all the flower pots we have in the outdoor garden, to avoid this we can use the courtyard place and create there the most amazing garden and t grow flowers and plants we love. Also, we can create a vertical garden and have a modern design which at the same time will make a space for other decorative elements.

I have found a few modern designs for this ”problematic place” and decided to share the photos with you. So, let’s relax and take a glimpse in the photos that are a definition for a modern interior/exterior.

Wooden deck in courtyard designs

Wooden decks are our favourites when talking about outdoor flooring. Our first idea is about how to add wooden flooring in the courtyard place, a wooden bench, rocks and flowers and to have a garden even in the winter period.

Wooden deck, flowers and rocks for outdoor courtyard decoration

Even the small spaces can have this design if we are smart and think carefully about how to maximally use this space. We don’t have to exaggerate with too many flowers and threes, all we need in this place is one three a few flowers and one amazing wooden decking.

Modern courtyard edging

Take care for courtyard or garden edging with our help and the idea that we offer you in this photo.

Favourite courtyard design

We are to my favourite design of a winter garden or call it courtyard if you want. Here we have edges of rocks, vertical garden and stone pavers for the flooring. Amazing design, I love it.

Nice organization for a courtyard design

Arrange the flower pots in a nice row in the outdoor courtyard wall and enjoy in the decoration. Find motivation in this photo.

Wooden fence and wooden flooring for the courtyard

The wooden fence looks impressive and offers protection. Copy this idea or courtyard place if you like it if not check the other photos that follow.

Bird view of a small garden courtyard

As you can see here we have a lot of flowers, or maybe that’s how it looks on the photo. Actually, there are just a few flowers, green grass and organized pathway of stones.

Indoor vertical garden

The last idea is about how to create an indoor vertical garden and to save space but also to find a home for the flowers and plants during the cold days that are coming. The weather is already cold, so my friends, hurry up with decorating the courtyard of your house place. Thanks for your attention, for the end I just want you to check this link about how to clean the house for only 5 minutes.