You Have Unexpected Guests? Clean the House in the Last 5 Minutes

You Have Unexpected Guests? Clean the House in the Last 5 Minutes

November 17, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Unexpected guests have called you and you have such a mess around in the house? Don’t worry we are here to solve your problem and to clean the house at the last moment. Probably the living room is clean because you don’t pass too much time there. You need to pay attention to the entryway which is always in mess and also the bathroom where is always dirty clothes. And, don’t forget to most important, to add fragrant smells that will be as a trick for a clean house.

Clean the house in the last 5 minutes after the phone call of the guests and check how to do that in a quickest and easiest way. After doing that, think about yourself, go to your room dress in the last clothes that you have bought and IMPRESS YOUR GUESTS! Beleive me, my dear friends, everything can be finished with optimism and positive energy, just RELAX and BE YOURSELF and you will finish your work on time!

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Clean the house entryway

First of all take care for the entryway, because this is the place where you will receive the guests. Go quickly there, take the jogger in one hand, take the wet towel in the other hand and clean quicker than you already clean. Take care to clean the mirror probably your guests will pay attention to see their faces and their new clothes in the mirror and also clean the table stand.

Clean the bathroom place

Second of all, the next room that your guests will surely visit after the living room is the bathroom. After cleaning the entryway go to the bathroom and make sure that this is clean room already. Pay attention that there are no clothes on the bath flooring and clean the tiles as quickly as you can do it. Don’t panic, you will finish everything on time and you will have a clean house.

Take care to add nice smells around

Take the wet towel and clean the dust on the table in the living room on the tv stand also. After doing this, add fragrant smell in this place. Add the smells on the TV stand, on the coffee table and your guests will have the chance the feel the smell when they will be seating on the modern sofa there.

Bring the pet on the balcony place

If you have a pet probably there is a mess around and guess what, we know who is guilty of that! Your pet! It’s time to bring the pet on the balcony and to have a clean house at the time your guests are coming. After that, you can hold it in your hands or maybe your guests will wish to hug it and hold it.

Well, I hope that you have learned how to clean the house if you have unexpected guests at your house and your house such a mess. I beleive that if you have someone to help you you will clean it for less than 5 minutes! Keep following our posts in future where we will tell you about other deeply cleaning tips but for that, you will need more time!