Give Yourself a Haircut at Home

Give Yourself a Haircut at Home

January 13, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

If you want to grow your hair faster than usual, you must do the haircut regurarly, once in a month. But sometimes, this isn’t possible. The hair salon doesn’t work, the hairstylist has gone on vacation, or simply you don’t have time or money to visit the hair salon. Don’t worry, today we will give you a few techniques about how to give yourself a haircut at home. The tutorials are different because we all have different types of hairs at home.

haircut at home
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Haircut at home: You can cut the hair wet or dry – the choice is yours

First of all, remember that before cutting the hair you must wash it and don’t be surprised when your hair looks two inches shorter when it dries). But, if you cut the hair when is dry, you will create curls, waves, layers. Ok, the next thing is that you can’t cut the hair with ordinary kitchen scissors, but you need professional scissors. Invest in shears if you want to get a professional haircut even without going out from home and visiting the hair salon. Now, your hair is wet or dry, you have professional shears and you are ready to start with cutting the hair.

Follow th very first tutorial that will help you a little to transform the long hair into a cute bob.

If you have curly hair, this is the tutorial for you, so check it and learn the difference. It’s not so hard to take care of your own hair and do this at home!!! Check the second tutorial for today.

Cutting the hair, short and straight is the next tutorial you have the chance to see now. the most usual thing that girls want.

And with the next tutorial, we will end this post. the following tutorial is how to help yourself with a rubber band for hair to cut the hair straight and short as we all wish to. Spend some time to see the tutorial and give your hair some change for the new year, 2020.

Thanks a lot for your time! Once when you will learn how to do the haircut for yourself you will do it for all members of your family and earn money. 🙂 It sounds great so now bye bye!!!