Let’s Visit These Beautiful Waterfalls in Kocani, Macedonia

Let’s Visit These Beautiful Waterfalls in Kocani, Macedonia

August 17, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Kocani is a small town located on the eastern part of the Republic of Macedonia.  There are beautiful waterfalls in this city. The location of this small town is 120 km from the capital Skopje and is filled with many beauties. When you come in this city, don’t forget to visit the artificial lake Gratche, that locates 6 km east of the city.

The lake is 3 km long and is approximately 2.5 km wide, is at a height of 46 meters and is located at an altitude of 467 meters.  About fifty years ago the village “Dolno Gratche” was located on the site of the current artificial lake. On the west coast of the lake is the hotel “Gratche” in which you can relax and enjoy the beautiful beauty.

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Information about the hotel near beautiful waterfalls, Kocani

The hotel has 25 greatly decorated rooms, of which 4 are apartments. The hotel has a restaurant where you can taste the wonderful specialities of the traditional cuisine. There is also a business meeting room in the hotel. Many weddings and events are organized here, and there are activities like mountain biking, cycling mountain trails, hunting and fishing.  Within the hotel, there is a cafe bar and four summer terraces positioned directly on the shore of Lake Gratce.


Over the years, beautiful waterfalls with a height of twelve meters from the waters of Golema Reka have been created, from where these waters flow into the artificial lake. The waterfall is just over 1 km away from the hotel. These waterfalls give you a wonderful atmosphere, resting your brain, silence and enjoying the flow of water.

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The creation of these waterfalls

These waterfalls were created in a strange way. In 1958 an auxiliary dam of stone blocks was built whose function was to prevent abruptly the entry of water to the site “Ramna Skala”, where today’s dam was built. From the swollen branches, stones and soil, the auxiliary dam began to fill with soil, and over the years the beautiful waterfalls were created.

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These waterfalls are a special attraction for visiting by the local population, domestic and foreign tourists and a great corner for educating young people about its natural values.

In the past years, the Municipality of Kocani has realized a project that provides good accessibility to the waterfalls themselves and their immediate surroundings, setting up information boards and road signs to enable information on the trail, biodiversity and natural characteristics of the site, clearing the track and the part around the waterfall from fallen branches, shrubs, stones, fallen trees along the river.

Promotion and promotional meetings

Promotion of waterfalls through a website, information material (posters and flyers), holding promotional meetings with different categories of visitors. Come in this place to rest your thoughts of all long working day.

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