Place that Offer You Comfort and Peace – Matka Canyon in Macedonia

Place that Offer You Comfort and Peace – Matka Canyon in Macedonia

August 15, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Summer is a period when we have free time for travelling. Travelling is good or our health and we have a lot of benefits to it. It opens our views with an opportunity to learn something new. If you are coming this summer in Macedonia, don’t forget to visit Matka canyon. Don’t save your money for travelling, cause you can earn it and time can’t be turned back. Visit new places when you are young and full of life.

Visit the best place that offers you comfort and peace- Matka canyon in Macedonia! Matka canyon is artificial lake rich with greenery, animals and plants. Only there you can find 259 species of butterflies. 119 species are daily butterflies and the other one are nocturnal butterflies. Read more about this canyon and what you can do there. Learn amazing things about this part of Macedonia. See the beauty of Eastern Europe!


This canyon offers you comfort and peace. Located 15km south-west of the capital city, Skopje, is easily accessible for tourists. The Canyon covers an area of around 5.000has. Matka Canyon is situated along the Treska River and is the world’s oldest man-made artificial lake. The story of this lake starts in 1938 when happened the damming of the Treska river.

Church St. Andrew on water at the lake Matka

In this photo, we can see the church on this canyon, St. Andrew. The church dates from 14 century and is recognizable to beautiful shapes in construction.

Dron view for the same church. Amazing view to inspire you to go there and to visit this magnificent place.

Cave Vrelo

Every canyon has a cave, and every cave has a secret. The name Vrelo comes from blazing. The origin of this name is the babbling of the lake water located beneath the cave.

What can you do in Matka canyon?

Going to this places offers your opportunity to explore it and to learn something new. Kayaking, climbing, boat ride to the cave Vrelo are one of the things you can do in this amazing place.

Boat trip along the canyon

A boat ride along the canyon offers you the opportunity to see the cave and to find out the secret. It took you just 25 minutes to there.


One of the things you can do int his place is kayaking. Kayaking in the canyon Matka offers you an amazing view. Surrounded by mountains and stunning colours that this artificial lake offers to you. Explore, learn, make a memory!

Climbing at Matka Canyon

The climbing season in Matka begins in spring, around the Easter holidays. In this period a lot of visitors come to our country, Macedonia, in the major city, Skopje just to visit this place. They open the climbing season that finishes by the end of November. I’m not sure that I will do this if going in this place, cause it looks a bit dangerous for me. What about you, do you dare to climb on these high mountains like this?