15 Natural Wonders of the World – Part 2

15 Natural Wonders of the World – Part 2

September 6, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey friends, our friendship continues and never ends. This time, we will present you the second part of the natural wonders of the world. If you missed the first part, click on this link and check out. And now, see this images that you will need to check out twice to believe! Wonder is happening in nature!

Pink lake in Mexico

Located in Las Coloradas in Yucatan, Mexico, this pink lake makes you swimming and dreaming at the same time. See how nature can play with own creation.

Iceland – Seljalandsfoss Waterfall, Sunset

Ireland is a country full of natural wonders. The Seljalansfoss waterfalls are one of the most beautiful places in Ireland.



Northern lights

Northern lights also called polar lights, are astronomical phenomena. If you are wondering where is this, well is in Ireland again!

Deadly Oasis in the Sahara Desert

A little ocean in the Sahara desert makes this place looks like a paradise. This happened naturally and some people call it the lost ancient oasis is hidden in the Sahara Desert.

Great Barrier Reef – Natural wonders

To see this natural wonder you must attend a flight. The location is near to the Gold coast, Beach and South Wales.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

After the Colosseum in Italy, this is the second recognisable building that is one of the world natural wonders. Have you ever wondered how is possible to not fall this leaning tower of Pisa?

Iceberg, Greenland

Oh, Greenland, what country you are, full of natural wonders and beautiful places for visiting. Here, temperatures in the winter are so cold and in this period are formed icebergs.

Natural wonders, Finglas Cave

On the uninhabited island of Staffa, there is a sea cave called Finglas cave. Here, nature creates a fantasy world that is hard to believe in it if you can’t see it in life.

Grand Canyon- Northern Arizona

Natural phenomena that have a name – Harley Davidson, HD.

natural phenomena

Photo via www.zegirlz.com

Pantanal Brazil

Placed in the heart of South America, this is large 70,000 square miles.

Fly Ranch Geyser (Fly Ranch, Nevada, USA)

This place was created unintentionally when a man-made well in the ranch geyser started to depositing minerals into a mound.

High Norway Mountain

Named Trolltunga, this is one of the highest mountains in all world, placed in Norway.

Yellowstone, Wyoming

This national park is located in Wyoming, Montana, and represents a real heaven for visitors.

Utah, Arch

This red rock country is one of the world natural wonders.

Lake Baikal

This frozen lake is surrounded by frozen tundra and on all sides has vast taiga forests. The location is in Siberia, Russia. This is the last world’s wonders for this post. Follow us in future to see the third part of the natural WONDERS OF THE WORLD!