15 Natural Wonders of the World – Part 1

15 Natural Wonders of the World – Part 1

September 6, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

If you have only one travel ticket around the world, which of the following natural wonders of the world will be your destination? Take a look in the following images and decide. Write in a comment which is your favourite, but first, check out because some of the places are unbelievable!

Bigar waterfall, Romania

The moss and the stone created this waterfall to be one of the world’s natural wonders! Situated in Romania is the most beautiful waterfalls in Europe!

Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Grand Canyon is 277 miles and placed(carved) by the river Colorado, Arizona.

grand canyon

Photo via www.yese69.com

The canon of Cristales, Colombia

One natural canon od Cristales that you need to see twice to believe.


Photo via www.viahero.com

 Pamukkale, Turkey – one of my favourite wonders of the world

Pamukkale in translation means a cotton palace and placed in a cliff almost 200 m high.

Sea of stars Vaadhoo island

Have you seen anywhere a sea made of stars and water? Amazing view for those who enjoy travelling around the world.

Hot springs Italy, Cascate del Mulino, Waterfalls

Cascate del Mulino in Italy has a spring with very hot temperatures. A real paradise for eyes including the waterfalls in the corner.

The Marble Chapel – Natural Wonders

Interesting creation of nature just to be this place one of the top wonders of the world.  The location is on the pristine shores of Lake General Carrera

Leshan Budha Giant

Breathtaking statue of Budha that is tall 71-metre (233 ft) and made of stones, built between 713 and 803.

Giant Causeway, Ireland

Placed in Northern Ireland this giant causeway is made as the result of volcanic fissure eruption.

Jeita Grotto

Grotto Jeita is a system of two separate, karstic limestone caves spanning for making together the length of nearly 9 kilometres. A place that is worth to spend the time to see it.

Rio De Janeiro, Christ Redeemer Statue

The statue of Christ redeemer dates in 1931 and it makes the Rio De Janeiro one of the most beautiful places around the world.

Machu Pichu – Peru

Machu Pichu is a lovely city built in the cloud in the 15 century. It represents the beauty of Peru and many people use this city for learning, exploring and travelling.

Colosseum in Rome

This building was used for executing animals and people hunts and for a celebration of Roman empire. Built around 2000 years ago is one of the famous Rome iconic.

The Great Pyramid of Giza

The pyramids in Egypt are one of the wonders of the world.

One of the top wonders of the world – Volcano Paricutin Mexico

Located near the city of Uruapan, this volcano is one of the first volcanoes in all world. This is the last wonder of the world for this post. But, follow us in future to read about the second part of the wonders of the world, Part 2!