10 Ways to Help you Deal With Stress

10 Ways to Help you Deal With Stress

May 23, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

I read somewhere that every disease has roots from stress and this motivated me to make a research on this topic and share it with you. How can we define STRESS and how to deal with stress? Find the answer to these 2 questions in the following.

Stress is a defined as feeling of emotional or physical tension. This feeling isn’t good for you and makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. This is how your body reacts to a challenge or demand. This is why some people easily accept bad periods in life while the others are nervous even for small stupid things. And we usually take care of the things that never happen but are happening just in ou head! YES! It’s all in your head and the way how we will behave in a bad period! Now, I will give you the WAYS on how to deal with stress, spend some time with me.

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Ways to deal with stress

Breath deeply, take a sit and calm down

First of all, take a deep breath and take a sit. Calm down. Maybe in this moment you RE NERVOUS BUT tomorrow you will forget about this and you will realize that you were stressed abut nothing important.

Tell yourself that everything will be okay

If you have no one with who to share problems in life, keep it in yourself. Tell yourself that everything will be fine for about an hour, two hours or the next day.

Playing calm music

Listen to the type of music that helps you to relax.

Call a friend to who you can tell your problems

We all have that friend that is the best listener to our problems in life. Call him now and open your soul.

Find soothe in sugary food

Chocolate can make you feel happier for a minute but don’t eat too much sugary food due to health, teeth care and obesity.


I don’t know how you can laugh in this moment but I read somewhere that laughing can help you to deal with stress. Not just this but also makes you younger and increase your lifetime.

Try yoga and fitness

Yoga and meditation are well known to us and we can all try it when we are stressed and anxious.

Get enough sleep and deal with stress

When everything goes wrong, just go to your bed and sleep. When you wake up, you will be mind full, rested and will think from other perspective.

It’s okay to cry

It’s better to cry instead to keep your tears inside of you and feel bad. Cry and no one can ever notice this!

Drink coffee

The last and the 10 way to reduce stress is to drink coffee. And me? I drink it with sugar and feel much better!

I hope we helped you a little and you ill remember these tips when you will feel nervous. Also read about the cement and tire fish aquarium idea to make in your free time.