Make Special Fish Aquarium With Cement and Tire

Make Special Fish Aquarium With Cement and Tire

May 23, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Good afternoon friends. We are here with our project now about how to make special fish aquarium with cement, towel, and tire. For making this project you will nee one day and a little patience! 🙂

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The need material to start making this project are these:

  • tire (for making the shape)
  • towel
  • cement
  • water
  • glass

Well, if you gathered all material you will need your project may start now!

  1. Take a pale where you can mix water and cement.
  2. Take one old towel and dip it in the pale with the water and cement.
  3. Now put the towel on one old tire in a way like is shown in the next photo.
  4. Let it dry, is the fourth step of the project.
  5. Now, your fish aquarium is done and it only stays to add the glass and add water in the aquarium.
  6. Step number 6 is to paint the aquarium in any color you wish and to add fish inside of it.
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Also, you can add some miniature plants, and there you are! Your project is finished and you can check it in the next photo.

fish aquarium
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If you read all instructions we gave you and still have something unclear, please also check the video now with the full tutorial.

What do you think, can you make this and enjoy while seeing your fish swimming in the water? If the answer to this question is YES and you will try to make it, show your results with us.

Thanks so much for your time and keep following us in the future for more DIY ideas! Have a nice afternoon friends!