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10 Delicious Recipes You Can't Resist

July 6, 2014 Off

Everyone of us is enjoying in a delicious food. There are a lot of delicious recipes which you can prepare to impress your family, your friends or to prepare a dinner to your love -onеs. Today we have for you 10 delicious food recipes and anyone you choose, they will not resist. Show to your…

By David Bankston

Health benefits of Watermelon

April 20, 2014 Off

When is talking about delicious and juicy watermelon no one can resist, especially in summer days when it ‘s a great healthy refreshment for the body which has many beneficial actions , but pleasant cooling . Watermelon is definitely a favorite fruit in the summer and the same, though it is delicious, and is extremely…

By David Bankston

Best combining food with drinks

March 23, 2014 Off

The meal is not complete without a drink. If you want your lunch to finalize with well- chosen drink, follow these few rules in order to achieve a combination that will advance the taste and fully enjoy a gourmet experience.     Think of liquor as part of a meal When combining drinks such as…

By David Bankston

10 Fat Burning Foods you Should Eat

February 6, 2014 Off

1.      Avocados Avocados actually are ultra-speed fat burner. It plumps up the membranes of cell, and enables them to fasten the fat burning hormones, and switches off the body’s fat storing hormones. It also fastens metabolism rate while protecting body’s energy producing cells from damage. 2.      Whole Grains While breaking down whole foods, human body burns…

By David Bankston