March 13, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

For humans, home is the most important and safe place for them. It has become the center of our universe. As we are living a hectic and stressful life, there is an importance of investing in a house that helps us to achieve mental and physical wellness. During the process of buying a house, we all pay attention to the floor plan, locality, and include very few thoughts about healthy living. But, along with the amenities, we need to focus on clean air, and freedom from harmful environmental factors. That’s why home wellness is important.

Wellness homes are in demands nowadays. Keeping the demands in mind, builders are turning towards wellness homes and eco-friendly designs

What are Wellness Homes?

Wellness homes are the homes or buildings which are specially designed and built to support the health of the residents. It is divided into seven categories which are Air, Water, Nourishment, Light, Fitness, Comfort and Mind. On our list, we have lakehouse 17, which is one of the first projects in the world to earn WELL Building Certificate.

How these categories help us to stay healthy and fit?

As we have seven categories, let us explore them one by one to learn how Wellness home helps us in many ways:

  • Air: Wellness homes take care of the air that the resident will have in the surroundings. They provide enhanced quality of air which is required inside the building. There is numerous air filtration that reduces contaminants. Fresh air helps us to improve our respiratory system.
  • Water: Water quality in wellness homes is better than other residential areas as there is access to water filters appliances and hydration stations. Clean water boosts our immunity system. And if you are opting for a society with swimming pools, for example, luxury rowhome denver which provides you with pool facility already have UV filtered low chlorine pools and reduces the exposure to undesirable chemicals.
  • Nourishment: Fresh food nourishes out entire body and mind. Wellness homes have their own onsite farm which grows organic vegetable and herbs and provide residents a convenient place to cook with hygiene.
  • Light: Natural light improves your vision, sleep, and productivity. Wellness homes let the maximum light to enter in your house.
  • Fitness: As wellness homes take care of indoor homes, they do take care of outdoors too. Physical activities enhance the body’s performance and keep it fit. Every wellness home does provide you meditation center, yoga studio or well-maintained fitness station.
  • Comfort: Wellness homes are a mixture of basic needs and technology. They provide you with all the comfort that satisfy your needs.
  • Mind: As we all know, the mind is everything and a healthy mind enhances our mental and physical well being. Wellness homes have gardens, meditation center or creative workshops that relax you from your stressful lives.

These factors are not temporary which will change with new technologies,  but these are something important which will help to enhance and help humans. In conclusion, in the world of hectic lifestyle and other environmental changes, there is a need for wellness homes.