Unusual Car Designs

Unusual Car Designs

February 24, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Cars are design to make travelling easy, moving from one place to another will be very comfortable and lot easier. When we say cars, we will think of an  expensive and top of the line cars that we always dream of  like Mercedes Benz,  Porsche, Lamborghini and Ferrari. However, Can you think of cars that are unique and unusual on your eyesight?,  Have you heard about the grass car, shoe car and amphibious car?, Hold your breath because we have the list of unusual car designs. Check them out!

 Amphibian car


 Upside Down car


 Shoe car


Photo via www.toxel.com


Giant Car


Lighter car


 Sneaker car


Photo via www.toxel.com


Four heads Car


 Double Back car


 G-clef Car


 Wooden Car


Photo via www.toxel.com


 Croco Car


Telephone Car