Tips to make your house look bigger

Tips to make your house look bigger

February 18, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Do you have a small space in your house and you want it to look bigger?, House is every one’s sanctuary. Everyone wants to stay in a comfortable home. Some people tend to have small houses or apartment because that’s all they can afford and of course, thankful for it.
Everything counts in a small space so if you feel like you need  to stretch out that space ,you need a little trick to make your house look bigger.
I hope this tips work  for you.
Clear Out the Clutter

Try adding some mirrors


 Use Light Colors 


Add a hook to the back of your door for your coat and purse.


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Let the light in


Go with Multi-Function furniture


Make use of Vertical Spaces


Add paintings or prints to the wall


Use glass tables


Maintain the cleanliness of your home


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