The Danger Of The Dog – Man’s Best Friend

The Danger Of The Dog – Man’s Best Friend

August 8, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

This post is title the danger of the dog- Man’s best friend. Find out what type of infection can a dog transmit to you and your family.

Owning a dog is good for your health

Recently research has shown that people who own a pet, a dog or a cat, are healthy and less likely to die from heart disease. Dog owners show better responses to stress. Having a pet has a big influence on blood pressure and pulse, rates don’t soar. These people have higher levels of physical activity, they are happier and spend a lot of time taking care of their dogs. They have slightly lower cholesterol levels. But, there is also a danger of blood infection and deadly disease from your best friend, the dog. Read on to find out what is the danger of the dog and what type of bacteria can a dog pass to you and your children. Read the danger of your best friend – the dog.


Don’t let dogs lick your face

There is a potential danger of disease caught by your dog mouth. Affectionate dog owners are at risk of catching a potentially deadly disease. Why? Because they spend a lot of time with their dog, some of they are sleeping next to their dogs. They take their dogs to places where several animals are close together, such as kennels or shelters, make their pets more susceptible to catching the bacteria. But if a dog is carrying the infection the symptoms are visible. Dandruff, hair loss and darkened patches will show on a dog’s skin and hair and you will know that your dog needs help. A dog can be also dangerous for MRSA disease. This disease has no effect on one dog but is deadly bacteria for us, people. So, if a dog infected with these bacteria will infect you too, for sure. Remember this rule: Don’t let dogs lick your face!

Capnocytophaga Bacteria

Our bestie friends (the dogs) spend half of their life putting their noses in nasty corners. Their muzzles are full of bacteria, viruses, and germs of all sorts. We know all this, but we still show love for them, kissing them and making a small place to live in our house. The strong bacteria have the power to cause a range of dangerous diseases, some deadly. Capnocytophaga is that bacteria. Infection that lives in a dog’s saliva. Capnocytophaga is the species most commonly involved in zoonotic infections. If you have a broken skin, you can catch this infection. So, when you are in touch with your dog, cover your broken skin and protect yourself. For people that are immunocompromised, this infection can be very serious. When occur, it typically causes infection of the bloodstream. People end up with legs and arms amputation, due to this bacteria.  Next time, when a dog is licking your face, remember this useful information. Be aware what is the danger of the dog.


Salmonellosis Infection

Salmonellosis  is a bacterial infection that dogs can pass to people. Is known to us that a man could get salmonella from eating eggs or mayonnaise, but I had no idea that we can get these bacteria from a dog mouth. Actually, people with salmonella infection have no symptoms. It can develop diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps within eight to 72 hours. This bacteria is not so serious and dangerous. Healthy people with this bacteria, recover within a few days without specific treatment. Think twice, should your dog be living in your house, licking your children face and transmitting a dangerous bacteria?

Children are at a greater risk of catching these bacteria from their dog

Children are the target of this bacteria. Dog owners, parents, make a place for their dogs in every place. Dogs are sleeping next to them in a bedroom, walking in a kitchen and transmit a bacteria. Dog love children, play with them and lick their mouth. By doing this they infect these innocent souls with infection, bacteria, viruses.

Protect your children from bacteria and infection, and take care of your dog outside of the house. I hope that this article was informative for you and you have learned something new. Protect yourself and your family from the most likely source of devastation infection – the danger of the dog.

dog kissing a child

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