Taking Care of Your Galaxy Buds Will Be Really Easy

Taking Care of Your Galaxy Buds Will Be Really Easy

July 23, 2019 Off By Helen Olsson

Untangling your headphones seemed like a daily chore. You’d stare at the lump of cord, tugging on different ends to get it loose and seethe with frustration when the move made the knot worse. How did it always get so bad? You decided to leave the tangle behind and get yourself a pair of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds. You just pop the wireless buds in your ears, put on your playlist and head out the door. 

Now that you have such a good thing going, you’re going to want to keep it that way. Follow this advice to take care of your new Galaxy Buds and keep them in perfect condition:

Clean Them up 

Anything that you stick inside of your ear every day is not going to be spotless. The buds are going to get a light coating of waxy build-up over time. It’s gross to think about, but it’s the truth. 

If you want to keep them tidy, you can clean your Galaxy Buds by taking the main components apart — this means pulling off the earbud tip and the wingtip. Take a microfiber cloth and lightly dampen it. It should be damp enough to wipe off earwax, but not wet enough to get moisture inside of the bud.   

Let the components air-dry and then, put them back together again. 

After cleaning up the buds, you’re going to have to tackle the case. There’s no point in putting freshly-cleaned buds into a case that’s just as filthy as they were an hour ago. Wipe the insides with a microfiber cloth without moisture. If you want to sanitize it, use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the cloth because the substance evaporates faster than water. Leave the case open to let it dry completely. 

Add Some Protection 

You can protect your Galaxy Buds from ugly and sometimes permanent forms of cosmetic damage. An authentic, true-textured vinyl skin will guard against scrapes, scuff marks and scratches. If you’ve been a little too rough with your buds and they’ve already acquired some embarrassing scars, you can use the skins to cover them up. They’ll look good as new.

Android Authority’s Galaxy Buds review pointed out that the charging case is easy to scratch and stain, revealing that a white case looked a little rougher after two weeks of using it on-the-go. Your case will inevitably be scuffed up after you put it in a jacket pocket or bag full of house keys, loose change, cards and other miscellaneous items. 

You can also protect your charging case with a vinyl skin. If you’ve decided to pick out a pristine white case when you first made the purchase, you’ll definitely want to get the coverage. There are Galaxy skins you can customize with bold colors and patterns so that you don’t have to watch your white case slowly turn an unfortunate shade of gray or yellow. Why not have an exciting design like red dragon scale, blue carbon fiber or black matrix instead?

Keep Them out of the Elements

The experts at Samsung support warn users that the Galaxy Buds are not water-resistant or dust-resistant, so you have to be careful about where you wear and store them. Putting them on in the rain will be a bad idea because you could get moisture inside the buds. If the buds get wet, take them out of your ears and turn them off. Gently pat them dry with a soft cloth. Move them to a secure area and let them air dry for a little while.  

Avoid using your earbuds in areas that are in extremely dusty or sandy. Grains that get into the earbuds could cause a short circuit, corrode the terminals and make the buds unusable. When in doubt, store the buds inside of their case. 

Think of the times you spent seething in frustration as you tried to delicately pull the headphone cords loose like you were defusing a bomb. These Galaxy Buds have saved you from dealing with that headache ever again. You need to take care of this purchase and keep them in good shape for as long as you can.