Social Media Addiction Activates the Same Areas of the Brain as Drugs

Social Media Addiction Activates the Same Areas of the Brain as Drugs

August 14, 2018 Off By Molly Wilson

Hey Facebook lovers. Do you know social media addiction is similar to the addition of some drugs as cocaine? It activates the same areas of the brain as drugs or cocaine does. It has the same function but is easier to quit. Sitting in front of our laptops, searching for newsfeed on Facebook is bad for us. Being addicted on social media on phones is the same as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes or taking some drugs. All this is known to us but we still can’t quit of using the social media. This might sound weird but is totally true. Read on about how Facebook knows literally all about our private life, how the internet obsession affects children brain and their health.

Facebook knows all about your private life

We reveal our private life on Facebook. We share literally everything. People check in wherever they go, take pictures of what eat, writing about the bad or good things happens in life. That’s why Facebook knows literally everything that happens to us. Not just Facebook but also the friends who use Facebook. Smart or not, we read when a baby is born, we read when someone died, find out when a couple gets married or divorce.

If you want to find out something about a person, just check out his/her Facebook profile. Next time, think twice when you want to share something on your Facebook wall. Hide your private life and protect yourself.

The effects of social media addiction on children

The children are on a target for using contemporary technology. Parents let their children scroll on social media without knowing the consequences. Every child uses the net, the social media and social media addiction is part of their daily life. They all have profiles accounts, most of them are totally addicted and can’t quit. Imagine, if you let your child use social media this can affect its brain in the same way as cocaine. The same effects are on you as a parent. But, nowadays, living in a modern society is a big problem. Facebook becomes the most popular site that youngsters join. They connect with people they don’t know, which might be a big problem for them.

Health problems in children

There are problems in children health condition. Eye’s problems, problems with their backs. For example, they hold their body irregularly because they sit irregularly in front of their laptops. Children spend much more time inside on social media instead of playing outside. When I was a child, in 90thies, everything was different. We weren’t addicted to social media use there was no opportunity for having laptop and net in that time. We played outside all the time. Those who are born in the 90thies are a generation with the best childhood. I am wondering what generation follows next.

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