Selling your RV online

Selling your RV online

November 9, 2021 Off By Helen Olsson

There are many ways of selling your RV, but in order to be able to get the best price for your vehicle, it is best to go for those that have the furthest reaching audience. Make sure to do your research to ascertain that you are asking a practical price for your RV and that you are not pricing yourself out of the market or, in that respect, giving it away.

Getting the sale

When selling your RV online, it is important that you give as much information as you can so that prospective buyers can make an informed decision. Making sure that an accurate and well-written description is available for potential buyers to read will ensure that there is no comeback or disgruntled buyer coming back to you after the deal has taken place.

It is also very important to supply a lot of photos within your advert, whether you are looking to sell on a website such as eBay or on a more specialist website for RVs. Of course, you can also try to sell your RV locally by using adverts in local newspapers or in your local store’s window if they have a facility for this.


In order for you to get as much attention as possible for the sale of your RV to get a quick sale and the price you want for your RV, it is a good idea to make sure that location is not an issue that will put your potential buyers off of purchasing your vehicle.

By mentioning RV transport and recommending a reliable and established business such as within your advertisement or listing information, you will make those buyers that live a long way away from you realize that you are not only serious about your sale, but you are interested in helping them obtain your RV.

Make sure that the business your customer chooses to use for transportation is well insured for any damages that may occur during transit. Alternatively, set this all up for them and include the transportation costs in the overall total. 

Customer satisfaction

Gaining customer satisfaction is a real must, especially when you are selling from your home address. There can be many repercussions from selling an item that is a lot less than it is made out to be, and you never truly know the type of person that you are selling to.

The best way to keep your customer happy is to make sure that you are totally honest with the item that they are buying. That you are open with all information about that item and that you answer all questions that you can and admit to not knowing those that you cannot answer.

Take plenty of photos of your RV before it leaves your possession so that if there is any damage that happens to it either during the route it takes to its new home or within the first couple of days that it is in new ownership, that there is no come back on you and if you are using a transport business in order to get your RV to its destination that you can claim on their insurance for any damages.