Secrets of home decorating from famous designers

Secrets of home decorating from famous designers

February 24, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Whether you live in a particular place only 2 months or 20 years,from time to time we need small change.Our live are constantly changing and that change should be seen in the home where we live.That change may be very simple,which can be achieved only by buying small decorations such as photography.But sometimes what you really need is a big change as new paint on the walls,new furniture or rearranging what we already have. Here are some tips of famous designers gave for home decorating.

Billy Blodvin : The first rule of decorating is that you can violate almost all other rules

Something that every decorator would you say that the rules are there to be broken. It is very important decorations in your home to reflect your lifestyle and your personality than to lead by conventional rules. However, it is important to find some balance to your home to look neither too boring nor too piled.

Betsy Burnham:  Never push the furniture to the walls. Even if you move the set to sit just a few inches forward, you instantly warm up the space and create a flow.

Although every designer has their own tricks to transform a certain room, they all agree that home rule should be feeling good about life, to represent the interests and passions of the owners and not very serious.
Albert Hedlej : Always keep in mind the ceiling. He is the most neglected area of the room.

Christina Murphy : The combination of colors maintains youthful and fun character of the room

Lindsey Coral Harper : Use wallpaper in unusual places: on the ceiling in rooms lined with paneling in the closet, hallways or in the small lobby. Good texture in a small space can make a miraculous turnaround.

Istvan Franser : I appreciate history, but must bring their own experience in your room.

Ross Kesidi : I think people are not fun enough until decorate. Do not always be so serious. The design is not like marriage does not have to be committed by the end of your life.

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Mark Hampton : Real comfort, visual and physical is the most important part of any room.

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Oscar de la Renta : What is the most important thing? The perfect lighting every time.

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Austin Warner : Widgets are where you want to leave an impression. They are the soul of every room.