Popular Interior Design Ideas Trending In 2021

Popular Interior Design Ideas Trending In 2021

April 13, 2021 Off By Helen Olsson

When planning for space designs in a new home or the redesign of a room in your current house, you have to pit traditional looks against current trends. You can sharpen your focus by grasping several tenants of vanguard design movements, from incorporating rotating kids wall art in a child’s room to embracing eclectic furnishings. While contemporary aesthetics span a vast range of possibilities, the following design points will provide a palate upon which to paint your plan. 

Durable Patterns

Families spend more time in their homes and so need rooms that are both inviting and practical. Floral designs, for example, exude warmth and hominess. Because spaces see constant use, they should be filled primarily with durable, easy-care furniture, carpets and other design elements. You can apply floral wallpaper, for example, an application that not only adds an artistic, comfortable look but also stands up to finger smears and rough play.

Flexible Arrangements

When you spend many hours in a room, the space can grow stale over time. Homeowners want to thrill to the emotional rush that comes from entering a newly redecorated room. You can recreate that feeling by making any one of several moves:

  • Changing decorative pieces with the seasons
  • Rotating photos in frames
  • Rearranging furnishings
  • Hanging peel and stick wallpaper
  • Experimenting with lighting

Changing room elements will provide new perspectives that can lift your mood.

Warm Colors

Making room changes is only one way to comfort the soul. In 2021, home decorators are choosing calming, warm colors as opposed to blaring, cold hues. If you spend significant time indoors, you might use earthy tones to bring the outdoors inside. Try filling the room with smooth-olive, light-brown, rich-amber or burnt-orange shades. In contrast, you might also consider adding splashes of blue, a color that calms, especially when the chosen blue replicates the sky or ocean. 

Eclectic Additions

One design trend can really put your creative aesthetics to the test: using what you have. Today’s homeowners increasingly trend toward sustainable living, a movement that includes reducing their landfill footprint. You might find objects in your basement or the back of a rarely used closet that you can use as decorative centerpieces. Even when pieces do not match at first glance, you can display them in ways that make sense to your own vision. Most importantly, how you present your repurposed items should address your personal nostalgic feelings and artistic rationale. 

Sustainable Furnishings

Homeowners also think green when they do buy new: They look for quality furnishings made to last and constructed of environmentally-friendly materials. Though many decorators may want to refresh their room design occasionally, they look at furnishings as expensive central elements that should last for years. If you want to follow furnishing trends, ask manufacturers if they build their pieces using sustainable materials and adhesives.

In contrast to those in some past eras, contemporary design trends lean toward potential long-term practicality. Durable and sustainable are one of the backbones of 2021 design. However, the framework also includes sensory enriching colors, patterns and placements. Incorporate these elements in your design schemes and your rooms will turn into shoulder-relaxing spaces.

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