Men's fashion – trendy pieces this spring

Men's fashion – trendy pieces this spring

April 13, 2014 Off By David Bankston

With the emergence of the sun already feel spring approaching. Here are some trendy suggestion what to wear this season. here are some trendy pieces this spring for men.
Modern shirt

This is a piece of clothing that you can wear wherever you want. It is best to choose a shirt with a relaxed cut, because it provides more opportunities to combine.
Quality jeans

If you have pants that makes you stand, then half of the work is done for you. They look trendy in every occasion. However avoid models that have too many applications.
Dark jacket

Jacket in dark shade, but not obligatory black, works seamlessly and can be worn on different occasions. Depending on the color of your eyes, hair and complexion, you can choose dark blue, dark gray, brown or olive.
Sleek shoes

These shoes are needed for formal occasions, but with jeans, shirt and jacket is ideal for evening out which is the midpoint of the scale of elegance and relaxation.
Modern technical suits

This is nothing new, too often we see people who are dressed as if they went to a military battle. Military inspired coats were a big hit a few seasons ago, and now are back in fashion again.
Sweaters with short sleeves

Classic style, which is represented in London several years ago. Sweater with short sleeves can even be worn with a bow tie in the office. Maybe not sound quite appealing, but try, you will be pleasantly surprised.
Required details
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Quality and fashionable wrist watch and belt, operate effectively and perfectly complement the final look. These “small things “can be bearers of good style.   Additional tips to look more elegant and trendy   While fashion dictates different colors each season, black and white combinations are always checked good choice for the elegant man. Classic but always trendy , simple but effective , suitable for every occasion and age , black and white combinations excellently suited for every size and construction , giving a personal touch , uniqueness and sophistication , whether it is for an important business meeting or dinner .    
Classical Elegance in black

Sophisticated and chic, as well as simple and tight, black is present in every man’s closet, and it fits for various occasions and events. Black is always a choice that remains observed, and an even better effect it is good to upgrade details in another color.

Also a good choice is a white shirt with a black suit, whether classic or sporty model. The right way to personal style to the table aside as unique and elegant, if you do a balanced and harmonious combination of black and white with some vivid colors.
Passion for white shirts

The combination of white and black with details in other colors is the best way to get the classic look of a man, whether it is for a professional setting, or in the case of a ceremony or celebration. With a little creativity, white shirt can be worn with elegant suits black or bright. Even white polo shirt with black sports jacket is always good choice for those who prefer sporty but fashionable look.