Many Parents DO Play Favorites, Preferring Youngest Kid

Many Parents DO Play Favorites, Preferring Youngest Kid

February 23, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Even if all beleive that parents love equally both their children, some of them simply make a difference between them. The love they have, the most they give to the youngest kid in the family which is a baby. This isn’t my view, but it is a result of a survey done in the recent 2017 year. With the results of the survey, many parents DO play favorites, living a negative effect on older siblings while they are growing and developing. They are always making mistakes, they don’t want to take care of their little siblings. All this sounds OK but not in the eyes of a parent that is tired and needs some help. Read more about this, hereinafter our advertisement.

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The recent research says that out of 1185 parents participants in the survey, 1111 grandparents, 23 percent of parents and 42 percent of grandparents admitted to having a favorite out of their children or grandchildren and always on the TOP were the youngest children in the family. Imagine this, even 56 percent of those parents with a favorite said they preferred the baby of the family and showing more love for them.

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Another survey released in 2017 found out that youngest kids truly feel they are more loved by their parents because they are little and will stay little for them all life. On the other side, the oldest siblings admitting that they were preferred and loved MORE when they were the only child in the family until their youngest siblings came. All this, repeats the topic we wrote that many parents DO play favorites.

I think that even they protect the youngest children from the oldest one, they love them all in the same way. The reason why they make a difference between them is that they waited too much to get the second baby. My advice to every parent is to make no difference between your child, to expect not something more than your older sibling can make it, remember that he/she is also child of the family. This isn’t a game so you can play games, it’s all about love, feelings, emotions, way of growing and brain development. Love your children equally!

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