Kids Aren’t Problem for Women’s Career – Men Are

Kids Aren’t Problem for Women’s Career – Men Are

November 5, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

In many families still, a woman is that person that needs to take care of everything. To make breakfast for the whole family, lunch and also dinner. to take a bath her children, to clean the house, to take care of the little baby and for the oldest children who must go to school and write the homework. To make a nice dinner for her husband that is too tired every day after coming from work but woman? She is never tired. Even though she was working all day and have no time to drink her coffee and eat, she isn’t tired like the man is. This is why women’s career stops and this woman is so busy that has no time to work and make succsses in her career! If you still think that kids are stopping her to make succsses and go ahead in her work, you are completely wrong! What she stops is her husband!!!

I can’t beleive that in the 21st-century women are fa ing problems like this! what I beleive in is that many women can’t work because they have so many home obligations that they have no time for work! They spent all the time in their home cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and clothes and at the end of the day their husband is so much tired than her!!! Read more on this topic below!

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Her husband doesn’t like to clean the house???

He thinks that a woman’s task is to cook, clean the house, wash the clothes, take a bath of her children. But what shall man do??? He just thinks that he gets married to eat, have children to grown-up by their mothers. He has no tasks at home and just thinks of his career. But what about women’s careers???

He doesn’t know how to cook or take care of the children?

I don’t think that he can’t cook or don’t know how to take care of the children. Many men know how to clean the home and how to cook and there aren’t those who don’t know it!!! So please next time when your husband tells you that he doesn’t know how to take care of the tell them that he is a lier!

He must support you in your career!

Every woman need support from their man and their children aren’t the problem with their work. For example, if you have men that will clean the house and take care of the kids you will have free time to work as a woman. Also, there are many men that takes care of the first nine months for their babies and women are those that continue going to work and working.

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Oh, husbands! Please don’t be like this and think about this way! Your wife needs help with the children, help with cooking, help with cleaning, help with homework. You are a parent too and you must help her to make success in her career!!!

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