Create a website fast and easy, with Digital Ocean and Server Pilot

Create a website fast and easy, with Digital Ocean and Server Pilot

August 14, 2018 Off By David Bankston

To create and run a website you need a few basic things. It doesn’t matter if you want to create a blog, company website, e-commerce shop, these are the basic things you need to start with:

  • domain name – here is a guide on how to pick and register a domain name.
  • hosting – here is a guide on how to choose the best hosting for your needs.
  • website building tool, we will use the most popular, WordPress.
  • content for your website (images, text, videos, etc.)

That’s it.

To start with this guide you will need:

  1. Registered domain name, click here to register.
  2. Digital Ocean Account, click here to create. (You will receive $10 credit to start)
  3. Server Pilot Account, click here to create. (You will receive $10 credit to start)

Estimated time to create the website: 30 minutes.

Domain cost: around $10 / year

Hosting cost: $10.5 / month ( you get 2 months free with earned credit from signup)

Step 1: Create Digital Ocean Account

Creating a Digital Ocean account is easy, simply put your email address, choose some strong password and press “Create Account”, or just sign up with your Google account.

To create a Digital Ocean account and receive $10 in credits, click here.

After you are logged in, just create a droplet by clicking on “Create” button in the top-right corner.


Create a droplet on Digital Ocean

You can find more here about creating a droplet on Digital Ocean.

You can start with $5 droplet and upgrade it later if you have more traffic on your website.

When you create the droplet you will receive root password on your email.

Step 2: Create Server Pilot account

We are using Server Pilot to make the server management painful. For one server and one website, it will cost you $5.5 but it is worth the money because it will update automatically, it is secure, and you can install your WordPress website with one click. You can enable free SSL certificate that will renew automatically.

Create Server Pilot account by clicking here.

Enter your email and password and press “Create Account”.

After you are logged in, press the “Connect server” button, all you have to do is insert your droplet IP address and root password that you received in your email from Digital Ocean.

After you connect your server to Server Pilot, the next step is to create an application(WordPress website) on your server.

Click on the connected server and then click “Create app” button.

Fill out the form and press Create App.

Your app will be ready in seconds.

Open your domain and you can log in to your website and start editing the content.


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