How to become an actress, and where should I start?

How to become an actress, and where should I start?

February 23, 2021 Off By Helen Olsson

The acting world is notoriously difficult to break into.  If you don’t have connections, endless time and money, or the most sublime luck on earth, many think this job is impossible to capture.  That may be true for some acting gigs, but it’s not the case for everything.  You don’t have to be skinny tall, and blonde to get into acting; most roles don’t call for that!  The most important thing you need is perseverance and a little know-how.

Here are the top ways you can get into acting, like Cherie Jonson, without having to worry about being a flop!

You Don’t Need Those Five Hundred Dollar Headshots.

A classic scam some young actresses still fall for is those companies that promise them the world if they’ll buy some headshots from them.  Please don’t fall for it.  Phone cameras are at the height of some professional cameras.  It would help if you had a simple background, some right makeup, and a little editing, and you can create professional-looking photos without throwing your money away.

Be Your Agent For The First Year or Two

You may think that you initially need an agent, but when you don’t have any experience under your belt yet, you could be throwing away your money before you earn it.  Spend a year or two getting to know the acting circuit and getting your name out there, and agents will approach you instead.  Be confident when talking about your percentages, and make sure that your agent is committed to finding you work that you’ll want to do and that will pay what you deserve.  Don’t hire the first agent that approaches you just because they came. 

Take Small Roles, But Never Do Things For ‘Experience’

Although you must get jobs so that you can fill out your resume or reel, you shouldn’t accept jobs where you’re not paid unless it’s for a cause you believe in.  Refusing to do free work may make you feel like you miss out on connections, but all you’re missing out on is someone else profiting off your hard work.  Instead, work to show your value and possibly create small scripts and scenarios for yourself to monologue.  Some actresses use YouTube and Tik Tok to broaden their audience and gain attention while not giving away free labor.

Utilize Whatever Sites You Can

Although some companies claim that they can represent you and find you jobs, it’ll be difficult if they aren’t a verified agent.  Listings, where you can show off your skills and how to get contacted, are handy, but if someone isn’t an agent, don’t let them charge you like they are.  You deserve the money you earn from the time and skill you put in.  Don’t let a company rob that from you!  Instead, you can hunt for acting jobs through sites like Backstage, Playbill, and even Craigslist.  If you’re young or vulnerable, don’t meet up with any casting directors or companies without someone either dropping you off or staying and waiting with you.  Be safe.

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