How the Tipi Tent Revolution Has Taken Over Australia

How the Tipi Tent Revolution Has Taken Over Australia

June 25, 2020 Off By Helen Olsson

Australian Reputation

The tipi has made a huge revolution in Australia. Its reputation is great all over the world, its beauty cannot be matched and its longevity is without peer. It has become a symbol of Australian life, being used as a home type of accommodation for travellers, locals and tourists alike.

In fact, the only time someone may not want to sleep under a tipi, is when someone wants to use it as a campervan. When travelling, it becomes necessary to be able to keep warm during the cold days. To avoid waking up freezing to death, people like to use the best tipi for a function, especially if it’s freezing outside. 

Style and Comfort

The style and comfort of a tipi have changed over the years. During the first part of the twentieth century, the styles are more refined and comfortable, with the designs based on simple designs and solid wooden construction.

Modern Tipi Designs

Originally, there were made of animal skin on wooden poles. Nowadays, they have a canvas covering. They have smoke flaps on top of the tent. In today’s modern tipi designs, the wooden styles are now being replaced by fabric or cotton. There are different fabrics for a host of reasons. And depending on your preference and personal circumstances, you can get tips that suit your budget and your tastes.

Fabric covers offer a more luxurious and comfortable look, but also offer a little more protection against the elements. They are made of cotton or natural fibre but are a little heavier than their wooden counterparts.

In warmer climates, the most common reason for using a material cover is to provide a base to sit on, whether indoors or out. In hotter countries, this may come in handy during the summer months when it may rain. A fabric cover is also ideal if the weather is too humid for it to be comfortable to be outdoors, and it makes a good base for sitting around in.

Tipi For a Function

Using a tipi for a function has become an integral part of Australian culture. Traditionally, the local community would gather around a base and celebrate the coming of the harvest, or maybe just meet for an afternoon drink.

Used for All Sorts of Social Occasions

Nowadays, modern day tipi is a popular trend with any age group. Its usage has increased throughout the country. Because of its durability and comfort, and the fact that it can be used for all sorts of social occasions, more people are opting for this style of accommodation.

Traditional Australians revere the local community. When people think of a traditional community function, it is almost always a barbeque where people gather, drink and eat together.

Provides A Place for People to Get to Know Each Other in A Very Traditional Way

Even more so these days, people want to experience something traditional, even if it isn’t so. A tipi has a traditional feel about it and provides a place for people to get to know each other in a very traditional way.

Getting into The Fun of a Tipi Party

The style of tipi has played a large part in the creation of the tipi tent revolution. Instead of packing up the tents, people have opted to stick to using the original form of this traditional accommodation. Now, more people are getting into the fun of a tipi party.

With the different materials available, there is no doubt that finding the best tipi for a function will be different for every person. You can purchase a tent to fit your budget and give you the best result.