High School in California Locks the Cellphones of the Students to Keep them focused

High School in California Locks the Cellphones of the Students to Keep them focused

August 21, 2019 Off By Molly Wilson

Telling students to not use their cellphones during the class in one high school in California has no effect and they were still using on the classes. the school name is San Mateo and here students have no chance to use their phone during the class. For this reason, the school has found some way to keep them focused. they used the technique of locking up the device that distracts students. Every student after coming into the school has to pass the procedure, locks the cellphones and enter the classroom. After finishing the school day, the phone is unlocked and they are going home so can use it. Even though I think that the phones are useless and we use it to read where someone is checked, what type of food is eating and other crazy things.

Read the full text and find out if this has an effect and if students in this way listen and pay attention to the teacher during the class.

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Well, teachers there found a positive effect and with this, students have no chance to surf on the net by the time the teacher is explaining the lessons. they think if students check their cellphones before class they feel anxiety because the class already started and they no time to finish their activity on FB. However, like in almost every situation, there is a mixed opinion about this and some students are contra this and they wish their phones back.

We could walk into a variety of classrooms, and kids would be on their cellphones anywhere from 5 seconds, checking a text, to 30 to 45 minutes at a time,” said Adam Gelb, assistant principal of San Mateo High School, toldĀ NBC Bay Area.

He also added to his students: “You’re here to learn. You are here to work with your teachers and students, and we started getting away from that because of these devices and how addictive they can be.”

To sum up, I think that students should turn off their phones while entering the school or the phones should be locked like in this case. With this, they won’t have a chance to scroll on social media, to write messages on messenger that have no relations with the topic on the classes. They won’t have a chance to cheat on tests because they won’t have access to the net and google.

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