Get Right Amount of Sleep Before Entering the Quest Room

Get Right Amount of Sleep Before Entering the Quest Room

September 22, 2020 Off By Helen Olsson

It is important to be properly energized before entering the quest room so you must sleep at least eight to nine hours the night before. One thing to do that would be avoid having coffee in the afternoon. Coffee is alright during the morning as it will get you energized but don’t drink it in the afternoon as it may prevent you from sleeping early. You may end up sleeping late and get stressed the next day. The right amount of sleep is pretty important to our body. The last thing you would want to happen is to fall asleep in the middle of the quest room game. The timer won’t stop just because someone would fall asleep.

Remember, in this game there is no timeout. The moment you put your stuff in the locker escape rooms Edmonton, it is all set for trying to win the game. OF course, the result will be either you win or you lose. You may not want to meet with your friends in Edmonton and Calgary if you lost because they knew that you were in Escape Hour. You just had to post on social media because excitement got the best of you. Yes, you can’t really blame yourself for doing that as everyone in Escape Hour always posts that they are there while waiting. You can’t really do anything else while waiting for your turn.

One thing you can’t do is to fall asleep while waiting because your team might be called and all of you are fast asleep. You can’t expect the staff to wake you up because they have a lot of other things to do. When you scheduled for a morning slot, then better set an alarm for at least an hour before the schedule depending on where you live. If it is a bit far then make it two hours as it would be better to be early than late.

Besides, there is always the chance that you will get to enter the quest room earlier than expected which means you can also go home earlier. Of course, that only means your excitement will happen sooner. You can’t blame yourself if you are excited for what Escape Hour has to offer. They have never disappointed anybody with their brand of thrills and chills. They make sure you enjoy every second of it and so far they have been pretty successful with their exit games.