Fashion Tips from Fashion Stylist Lois Joy Johnson

Fashion Tips from Fashion Stylist Lois Joy Johnson

April 21, 2014 Off By David Bankston

The famous stylish designers, which take account of the appearance of many celebrities, have their own rules when it comes to completing the styling. Here some tips from Fashion stylist Lois Joy Johnson.


The following things will offer you five tips that will help you refresh your appearance, and thereby use the clothing they own.

Be bold in combining colors

I think we can all learn from the looks of Angelina Jolie, and it is thanks to the choice of shades can stand out from the masses of people. The black color will make you look exhausted, and the right choice of shade can make you look like you are energized – Lois advises. The combination of black and white is always a safe choice for simple everyday combinations, and when it comes to choosing the styling for special moments.

The choices of shades positively affect complexion and glow of your skin, and the positive mood. Those colors that feels good, so that best suit you.
Layers of clothing

To avoid negligent appearance and still be fashionable follow the advice of the Louis, which proposes to start with one piece of material at a slimmest and longest. If it is a long shirt, first, you put it on and it will put a blouse or jacket is shorter in length. Ideally, jacket to match or at least nuance is close to the color of the jeans.
Dress for Any Occasion
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Dresses are the perfect solution when you have a problem assembling separate pieces of clothing, and easy to combine with sandals and boots at low and high heels – Lois advises.
Ideal silhouette

The stylish advise you to remove all pieces of wardrobe that will emphasize your neck and legs. It does not have to reach for the deepest -neck T-shirt, but with minimal V expression and skirt to the knee. This combination will visually make your feet to look higher and more naturally.
Slim belt

The thin straps are ideal for defining piece of styling, and highlight the waist. The only thing that needs to be taken is wearing the belt around the waist, not around the hips.

With fashion, accessories fill up the colors with a choice of handbag in an intense red color, in the form of apple zircons. This will insert additional life into full view.