Dress styles for Spring

Dress styles for Spring

March 23, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Ladies, it is time to prepare for spring and enrich the closet with a new dress styles for spring. If you do not have an idea, here are a few suggestions that might help you.

Two piece dresses

The two-piece dress is a great choice for elegant occasions. Whether you go to a disco or a formal event, you look sophisticated, sexy and collected simultaneously. The lower part can be in the form of the letter “A” for another classic look, and if you want to act more lucid , choose colorful, upper part , which will vary and will be more significant .


Snug dress

Photo via www.zosews.com

Photo via www.zosews.com

This dress is very short and snug to the body, and it makes for a great spring. It represents a great choice for dinner out at a club. If you want to be striking, select a color in the collar. Combine with high heels. Jewellery is not mandatory, because in itself this dress is beautiful and appealing enough.

This dress can be found in countless interesting and sweet varieties and colors. It looks classy, loose and sexy at the same time. Combine it with a soft, lightweight jewelry,  which will primarily be a reflection of your personal style.
Photo via www.docxpo.com

Photo via www.docxpo.com

Folds again in fashion! Sweet, gentle and irresistible. When choosing this type of dress, it is best to choose a lighter, pastel shade. Folds themselves attracted enough attention and are quite complex, so do not strain the appearance of additional jewelry and wear it with tender light shoes.

Lace dress

Lace is a timeless classic that can be worn throughout the year. In winter, usually chooses lace dress in black or other dark color, but spring is the time for more vivid colors and merry. Therefore, select a more impressive and playful color.

Dress with sparkles

Not necessarily, dresses with flashes carry only the big and important celebrations. This short dress looks loose and urban, and is the perfect choice for going out to discotheques and the like.

Shades of blue

Blue shades like aquamarine, turquoise, navy blue, and the color of corals hit this spring. Therefore, if you are friends, the time has come when you can wear and be trendy, charming and seductive.


This dress is very beautiful and every woman would love, because is a perfect for a public event or for work. You should look fashionable and conservative at the same time.