DIY Spiral Garden For Your Favorite Flowers

DIY Spiral Garden For Your Favorite Flowers

April 9, 2020 Off By Molly Wilson

Admit that we all have those favorite flowers that we want to separate from the others! I admit it, some of these plants I keep indoors during the wintertime and the others are there in the old place. For your special flowers, you can DIY spiral garden and have the best decoration in the garden place. Now it’s the perfect time to make it and get ready to spend a lot of free time in your garden because springtime is here and we all need some fresh air outside!

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DIY spiral garden with bricks

To make things clear, we uploaded a photo with the full process of making the spiral garden. All this can be shown in the next 6 photos where you can see the start and the final of the project. when your project will be finished, plant your flowers here and put the spiral garden in the focus of your yard.

DIY spiral garden
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The second idea is again with bricks but with different sized bricks. However, the result is great and a little reminds of permaculture. See the photo now.

bricks garden
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Make the garden with concern blocks

To make this cute garden flower pots, yo will need just 8 cinder blocks. Follow the photo now and find out how to make it in a short period at your own garden place.

concrete blocks garden
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Here you can see another idea, done in the same way and again with just 8 cinder blocks and flowers. Just have a look at it and boos your imagination.

DIY spiral garden with cinder blocks
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Use rocks to make a nice spiral garden

If you have no bricks or cinder blocks, don’t despair because we all have rocks. Use rocks in different sizes and make the best spiral garden you have ever seen! Here, plant all those flowers you adore or plant the herbs and always have an organized home. See the idea that follows now.

rocks spiral garden
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Well, this is the end of today and we invite you to be our follower in the future when we will be back with our new ideas for your garden place! Thanks and bye!