Benefits of POP Display Printing to Your Business

Benefits of POP Display Printing to Your Business

January 28, 2022 Off By Helen Olsson

Despite the efficiency of digital marketing, there is no denying the power of physical print. Unlike digital marketing that needs complex advertising strategies through sound or sight, display printing relies on quality colors and finishes that will catch the eyes of potential customers. One such display print that can do this is the POP or point of purchase display.

Point of purchase displays is used by retailers to advertise a specific service or product. These POP displays come in different forms. It can be a simple professional business card or large poster signage. Whichever form your point of purchase display takes, it must have eye-catching graphics that will attract people to your brand.

If you would like to create an efficient advertisement for your business, then using POP ads is the way to go. You might choose to print these ad signs by yourself or hire a printing company to help you out. The choice is yours. However, hiring a company for this service might be a cheaper option to consider. Carrying out POP print in your business establishment might cost a lot, so the other option is much more ideal to consider.

The way you utilize your POP displays depends on the product you want to advertise and the size of your business. With many types of these available, there will surely be one that will perfectly suit your brand. With this in mind, let us discuss the types of point of purchase displays available, the printing factors to consider when choosing one, and their benefits to your brand.

Types of Point of Purchase (POP) Display Printing

The following are some types of point of purchase ads:

Temporary Displays

These are the most commonly used POP type. They are used during special promotions or for seasonal products. Temporary POP ads are created for just a short period. These are made from less expensive materials like corrugated cardboard. They last for only 3 to 6 months. 

Since they are affordable, your brand can change these posters or signs regularly. This will help you to remain creative and innovative in your customers’ eyes. Also, if one temporary ad is not attractive enough, you can easily bring in a new one. For examples of these temporary ads and how to use them, check here: 

Semi-Permanent Displays

These are more durable than the temporary ones. They can last for more than 6 months to one year. Some materials used for these include heavy-duty cardboard, acrylic, metal, and glass. These materials help the POP to be durable and mobile.

Since these point-of-purchase displays are expensive, you would need to curate a budget that can allow you to get one.

Permanent Displays

These are not as permanent as their name. They last up to 3 years. They are made from heavy-duty materials like glass, metal, and plastic. The design resembles a kiosk or a store. Since they are more durable than the others, they cost a lot of money. So before you choose these, it is best for you to have a plan and design that would make the investment worth it.

Printing Factors to Consider When Choosing a POP Display

Here are some factors to consider for it:

Size of Print

One important factor to consider is the size you want your POP ads to be. You have the choice to determine if your business wants a large sign with great, popping graphics or a small print that will simply inform customers about your services. Whatever you choose would depend on your brand’s size and the marketing strategy it follows. 

If you decide to hire a company for your prints, make sure that you discuss this strategy with them. A good company would help you out with the right size.


Your point of purchase displays must have eye-catching colors that can attract customers’ attention. If it fails to do that, then it wouldn’t fulfill its advertising potential. Your ads must contain the right color and logo of your brand. This will elevate the advert sign entirely. With the right company, you can get the best color for your display marketing.


Regardless of the colors you choose or the size you select, you need to ensure that your POP print has a good and clear resolution. The best way to make this possible is to use a high-quality printer or hire a company that offers the best of this service.

Benefits of POP Display Printing

The following are some of the benefits:

It Catches Customers Attention

The main reason why you choose to have this print is that it can attract your customers’ attention. This POP display provides appealing media so that people can notice a product or service easily. It can increase your advertising chances. For other ways to increase your advertising chances, read this article.

It Educates Buyers

With POP prints, you educate your customers on the features of a specific product. These ad signs provide in-depth information on a product, which can improve customer experience and lead to more sales.

It Reduces Marketing Costs

Unlike digital marketing, this is a cost-effective marketing strategy. It uses less expensive materials to target impulse customers.


Point of purchase displays is cost-effective ads that can draw customers to your business. When you choose the right service for it, you can be sure of getting quality POP prints.