Art on top of the pencil by Dalton Getty

Art on top of the pencil by Dalton Getty

March 4, 2014 Off By David Bankston

Most artists working with drawing, using pencil for them to create their art. Dalton Getty has a slightly different approach. He creates miniature masterpieces directly on top of the pencil. Check this work of art on top of the pencil by Dalton Getty

Sculpture of Elvis Presley in the eyes of a veil, made ​​from a pencil

Dalton works as a carpenter and their small acts of graffiti has developed for 25 years. He had a tendency to deal with this type of art yet small. When he went to school, had to have custom etch the names of his friends in the wood pencils and their giving. Then began carving sculptures of larger pieces of wood, eventually to become a challenge to do their work as little as possible. Experimented with various materials, tried with chalk, and then directly on the graphite pencil.

Small Chainsaw


Small Cross



Dalton uses three basic tools in his work: a razor, a sewing needle and sculptural knife. He even refuses to use a magnifying glass and using a slotted needle does draw lines and turning the piece of graphite in my hand slowly. Interestingly, he has sold a single piece of his collection, but all given as gifts, although through his site can be ordered postcards and posters of them.

alton normally spends several months working on a piece. However, a work confiscate even two and a half years. This is also the longest time he has devoted himself working on a piece, and the reason is in the connection chain effect. For this deed, he declares:
“Interrelated chains sought venture greatest effort, but I am very pleased with this work because it is so complicated that people think they have to be two pencils.”


For this kind of work, it is inevitable to ask how Dalton control patience, and how to wear prematurely completed projects, suspended from cracking and breaking. In this connection, he said:
“Crazy little clumsiness when due, the top of the pencil is broken. Sometimes very anxious, especially when the work is nearing completion and then you just made ​​a mistake. Then I decided to change the way I look at my work – when you start a new job, my view is: this will just break sometimes, and see how far we can get. This attitude helped me I infringe fewer pencils, and although this still happens, not as often. ”

Chair on Top




Little Boots


The Alphabet