About Lori Ebenstein Joining CCP

About Lori Ebenstein Joining CCP

May 23, 2022 Off By Helen Olsson

We’ve heard tons of stories of individuals that have made investments in several ventures which have in turn yielded huge profits. These businessmen acquired wealth that has been passed on from generation to generation. This has made their family line identifiable by such amassed wealth and their family name a pride of generations. This has also influenced the thinking pattern for most of the families making their descendants go into similar ventures aspiring for more profits.

This is so for the Ebenstein family; a family is known for its huge investments in real estate. Their founding father Norman alias Norm Ebenstein from Jewish descent was a renowned philanthropist and a real estate developer. He believed strongly in education and was proud of the educational accomplishments of his children and grandchildren. 

He formed the famous Capital Commercial Properties (CCP), serving as its president for more than 50 years. It is now run by his son, Douglas Ebenstein, and his grandchildren Lisa and Lori Ebenstein. Lori currently serves as the vice-president of the CCP after initially serving as a Board Member. With good knowledge of the business of property investment, she has been a key member of the firm, driving their sustainability and growth in the industry. The CCP is interested in new and profitable opportunities to purchase and develop new and existing properties. 

Having seen how this family made a name in property management and investments, let’s take a look at some lessons in real estate. Who knows; your family may be the next big name in the industry. 

Real Estate Investments

 Investing in real estate involves the process of purchasing properties as investments with the aim of accruing profits, rather than being used for residential purposes by the investor. It is any land, infrastructure or building which is mostly immovable and performs the sole purpose of accruing wealth to the owner. They include: residential buildings, hectares of lands, machineries etc. Real estate covers various properties. 

These are grouped according to their uses below:

Residential Properties

These consists of houses, for instance – bungalows, duplexes etc. that serve residential purposes.

Industrial Properties

These are large scale properties used for industrial purposes such as factories, manufacturing companies, distribution centers etc.


Any vacant space where activities like agriculture or ranching takes place are equally forms of real estate.

Commercial Properties

These are properties or buildings that are leased to operate various businesses. 

Renovated Properties

These are residential properties that were poorly maintained and are available at low prices. These properties after purchase, are renovated and fixed to the right shape by the owners, who resell them at a higher price.

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Benefits of Real Estate Investments

Investing in this kind of business has been a lucrative source of income generation for people and tends to be profitable in the long run. Its benefits include:

Income Generation

It has been seen as a reliable source of income. Investors lease their properties and receive a steady and regular cash inflow.

Value Appreciation

Immovables purchased in estate investment tend to appreciate in the long run. This places the properties at a higher price which yields even more profits. Land is an example of such properties. 

Immune to Inflation

They are not affected by inflation. Instead, its income and value increases with inflation.

Collateral Value

Most landholdings are recognized and accepted assets that can serve as collaterals. This is because they are regarded as highly valuable and profitable.

Highly Profitable

Property investment is regarded as the safest form of investment even during an economic recession. If wise investments are made, it can yield profits and generate income.

Financial Security

Property investments last for a long term. The profits accrued provide a means of security against any financial emergency that might occur. These possessions are moreover fixed, tangible and physical. Decisions concerning these properties are made solely by the owner.

Refer to this article to garner more knowledge on the types and benefits of real estate investment.

Reasons for Losses in Property Investments

If wise investments are not made in real estate, there might be a drastic decline in returns and the depreciation of valued assets.

Below are some basic reasons why real estate investment may go wrong:

Lack of Sufficient Knowledge

Knowledge is essential in whatever projects one wants to venture into, especially long-term investments. Most investors fail to analyze trends and determine the appropriate time to make a profitable investment. They moreover fail to analyze the profiting potential of an acquired asset, thereby leading to loss in investments made. 

Poor Management

The value of acquired properties tend to deplete when poorly managed. Properties leased to tenants and contractors should equally be monitored. A poorly managed property could lead to a decline in its return.

False Calculations

Meticulous calculations are needed in estate investments plans. This prevents the occurrence of a loss or if any happens, minimizes it. Most investors are in a rush to make plans without calculating the risks involved and the potential profits that will be generated.


One costly mistake an investor can make is to expect high return in an investment within a short timeframe. Landholding investment is usually long term. It yields returns after a long time and should not be ventured into by people who are impatient.

Tips for Real Estate Investment

The tips outlined below will aid you to make better decisions in the property industry:


The location of a property increases its estimated value and appeal. An investor who wants to acquire an asset should look out for properties that are at strategic locations. This will add value to the property in the future, making it more desirable for buyers. 


An investor can make a partnership deal with another individual to make profitable investments. This can ease the problem of insufficient funds required to make the investments. Money generated will be shared based on an agreement.

Be Knowledgeable

Having a deep understanding of the real estate market is essential for success in this industry. It helps you to know and evaluate the value of a property, what rent to charge on it and gives you an understanding of how renovations can be made to a building to make it more appealing.

Manage Risks

Every investment made comes with its own risks. The risks should be managed effectively to avoid the occurrence of a huge loss. Do not accumulate too much debt, obtain insurance for your valued assets and make sure to have enough cash reserve, this will help you resolve any financial crisis that might spring up. 

Click on https://www.noradarealestate.com/ for more real estate investment tips. 


Property Investment is a thriving and resourceful means of income generation. It is a long-term investment plan and yields a high ROI. It is advisable to venture into this line of business. However, be mindful of the risk factors and make strategic plans to avoid suffering avoidable loss.  You can learn a lot from the Ebenstein family.  

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