5 Tips to Wear Bohemian Jewellery

5 Tips to Wear Bohemian Jewellery

April 20, 2020 Off By Helen Olsson

Retro and hippie styles come to mind when you think of Bohemian fashion. It may seem outrageous for some, but most people consider it as part of a carefree lifestyle. Generations acclaimed Boho culture as the future of intellectual, free-style clothing in the early 1960s and 1970s, and eventually integrated into mainstream culture. Tassels, fringes, loose, and warm flowing fabrics compete for the chic gipsy look. So it is no surprise that Bohemian jewellery is part and parcel of its statement accessories. 

Diamonds are said to be the girl’s best friend, but it depends on the occasion. There are times when you do not need all those sparkles, especially while attending casual events. Aside from nonconformist clothing, Bohemian jewellery tops it all with a romantic wanderer flair. Even though there is no need to match clothes, your accessories define your overall look. Know what looks best for your flowy outfits with these five must-haves.

Shell Jewellery for Beach Fashion

Do you feel today is a beach day, but your outfit is lacking? Complement your water-wear with shell necklaces and earrings. Whether wearing a cover-up or a beach kimono, these are the perfect accessories for some me-time at the beach.

Light and Layered Necklaces for Romance

Are you all for sappiness? If today’s vibe makes you feel that romance is just around the corner, go for a layered and delicate necklace with your white, flowy dress. Mix and match a subtle-looking necklace with a long and obvious one. Try to add pendants or charms for a nonconformist, yet dreamy look. 

Fringed Accessories for a Whimsical Look

Nature-inspired accessories never leave the fashion industry. They always make a fabulous comeback after lying dormant for a couple of months or until the next runway event comes along. Add more life to your block-coloured clothes via fringed statement necklaces. Since these are big, you will be the centre of attraction. Add a big-stoned ring to the fray, and your look is complete. 

Bulky Rings and Bracelets for a More Bohemian Vibe

Urban life brings out a laid back ambience. However, sometimes, you want to feel relaxed and carefree. If you are not in the mood for uber-obvious necklaces, go for other accessories. Rings and bracelets are statement jewellery themselves. Pair some jeans, a plain shirt, oversized cardigans, or brightly coloured kimonos with your current nomadic disposition, and you are good to go.

Feather and Nature-Related Accessories for Your Inner Free-Spirit

The boho charm has survived in the past two hundred years. Colour and rebellion are the names of the game as both intellectuals and artists have fallen prey to Bohemian clothing. Unconventional fabrics became one with nature. Feathers, in particular, have long been associated with free-thinkers, as a symbol of freedom of expression and innermost feelings. Vintage-inspired or real-life feather accessories are a great way to show one’s individuality and independent-thinking streak. It is perfect for casual outings. If you decide on these types of accoutrements, go for simple tops or floral dresses to highlight more of your accessories.

All people want to feel and look good, whether they admit it or not. Going for boho fashion and apparel is a great way to show that there is more to you than just what they see. Get your fashion gears going, and unleash your untapped Bohemian spirit with your accessories.